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Despite decades of investments in IT, knowledge work has been largely unaffected by productivity technologies up to this point. However, the landscape is quickly changing, due largely to the rise of the virtual workforce, and specifically, robots, who are...

Y Combinator Startup School 2013

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Panel of experts for an engaging discussion about funding your for-profit and non-profit ventures. The panel includes: - John Landry, Angel Investor - Eric Paley, Managing Partner at Founder Collective who provides seed stage funding - Draper...

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Mulago Foundation's Managing Director, Kevin Starr

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David Lynch in Conversation With Paul...

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February 19, 2014 | In: Business, Innovation

Dream Big(ger)

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You might not expect the chief operating officer of a major global corporation to look too far beyond either the balance sheet or the bottom line. But Harish Manwani, COO of Unilever, makes a passionate argument that doing so to include value, purpose...

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